Thursday, 4 March 2010

Paul Holmes - Hitting the Campaign trail

A quick update.

On Tuesday night I spoke at a meeting organised in Newcastle, I was really pleased to meet members from the many branches that attended, particularly as it was reported to the meeting that the Newcastle city branch had agreed not to have a hustings meeting but instead just to invite Dave Prentis to speak to the Branch Annual General Meeting, so I was pleased that members in Newcastle had the chance to hear an alternative candidate

On Wednesday night I then spoke at the UNISON United left London meeting again this was really good to connect with people on the ground that are delivering branch nominations and get some feedback on how well the campaigning is going.

Nominations have been confirmed from across the service groups, from higher education branches, Health branches, Local Government and Police as well as a decent spread across the regions from as far north as Scotland and all the way down to the south east.

Today I will be at hustings in my own Branch Kirklees and also in Bolton with many other branches nominating and holding hustings this week.

It is fantastic to see the campaign having such a good start - lets use this momentum to reach out and engage even more branches and activists in the campaign - we all need to make our voices heard.

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