Saturday 16 October 2010

A miner's tale

Luis Urzua, one of the rescued Chilean miners, was asked what his experience had been like and how the miners had survived. He said 'Keeping the men unified was due to majority decision making. You have to believe in democracy. Every single decision taken in the mine was voted on. There were 33 men, so 16 plus one was the majority. That was how we made every decision.' For the working classes democracy is always the answer. No secret decisions, no autocracy and no dictatorships. Free discussion of everything, a democratic decision and then carry it out.

Thursday 14 October 2010

The miners united will never be defeated

What an inspirational event the rescue was. How the media must have hated showing ordinary working people in their true light. This was a living example of how people organise for the common good.

Next week's Comprehensive Spending Review will be an example of the exact opposite, as the Toffs and millionaires set about attacking working people in defence of their rich frienda. Ably assisted by their fellow public school boy and bankers' friend, Nick Clegg.

Whether you're in a mine in Chile, an old people's home in Suffolk or on a picket line in France, the working classes are your only friend. So let's celebrate the rescued miners of Chile (and Bolivia!) but remember the 2,600 miners who died in China last year. This system cares little for our people. We have to look after ourselves. Inspiration is no substitute for organisation. We face the future with confidence because we know that together we are unbeatable.