Thursday 28 April 2011

The Posh Boys can't hack it!

-----Well, not one year gone since the General Election and the Posh boys show how shallow they are. They're really not up to it. What should they do next?

  • Get rid of May Day?
  • Ban strikes with turnouts of less than 50%?
  • Play the race card?
  • Be condescending to women?
  • Invade Libya?
  • Attack welfare benefits?

Oh the agenda is endless but, fortunately, they're brains aren't. And their Posh boy friends in the Liberal Party are just as bad. The reason Nick Clegg forgot that he was Deputy Prime Minister is because, in reality, he isn't! The title's just a sop to make him feel important.

This crew really are second rate. When the going gets tough, and it's going to be very soon, what will they do next? Without any doubt the Spanish economy is going to join Portugal, Ireland and Greece in crisis. And in any economic crisis those who really run this country, the bankers, will instruct Cameron, Clegg and Osborne etc to bail the rich out in Spain like they have in Ireland, Greece and Portugal.

There are 20% more millionaires in Britain today than there were 2 years ago. (An increase from 518,000 to 620,000). This means that one person in every hundred in Britain is a millionaire. Well they're not living on my street - are they living on yours?

The class struggle has never gone away - the rich's paid lackeys in the media just want to kid you that it has. Previous generations didn't hate the Tories because they had different opinions, they hated them because they go for the jugular when it's a choice between their wealth and your standard of living.

The period we are entering into is not going to be pleasant, but neither is it going to be boring. The Tories will be lucky to survive two years never mind five. What will the Liberals get out of the Co-alition, an electoral mauling and a resentment that will last years.

What is really going on in Britain? The re-introduction of rationing. Whether it's the obvious rationing of the NHS or Welfare Benefits - or the rationing of University places with fees of £9,000 per year, which are nothing to the 620,000 millionaires. They are just a method of reducing choices for ordinary working people. Remember the rich hate competition - they're the last people that believe in it. They believe in privilege, inheritance and protectionism. (Whether it's Eton, large estates or the Law Society).

If you believe in anything you've got to believe in democracy. The right of ordinary working people to elect representatives, in Parliament or in the trade unions, who share the same standard of living as them, who are honest and can be replaced at any time by those who elected them.

0·2% of the population went to Oxbridge. Yet it has produced 11 of the last 13 prime ministers (in the last 70 years), the leaders of all three major parties (Cameron, Clegg and Miliband) and all 5 candidates in the Labour Party leadership election (Diane Abbott, Ed Miliband, David Miliband, Andy Burnham and Ed Balls). Talk about a club!

Only a class-ridden, privileged society could allow that to happen. And it is that class that rules Britain. But the future is using the talent of all society. Don't let us be divided by race, religion, nationality, language, gender or sexuality.

Why? Because the workers united, will never be defeated!

(Just in case David Cameron/ Nick Clegg's Posh boys don't understand this - what unites working people are those very things that the rich hate. Unity, harmony, peace, progress, internationalism, solidarity and equality.)

Whatever your views of the last 12 months, no-one can fail to be inspired by the 26th March demonstration. It was the very battery-charging event that many activists needed. The workers will never go down - they have to fight to survive. That is the nature of society. For those of us fortunate enough to be in leadership positions, let's make sure that we are worthy of the trust we have been given. Let's not let those down who are facing the fiercest of attacks.

Cynicism is the rust which slows down the wheel of progress. Inspiration is the oxygen on which workers' hopes live and thrive.

Whilst the bankers don't understand the satisfaction that comes from advancement of all - workers do.