Saturday 6 March 2010


The campaign's going well. Branch meetings have started and the reactions have been fantastic. This week I've spoken in London, Huddersfield, Newcastle and Bolton. Next week I'm speaking in Norwich, Winchester, Leeds and Guildford. Looking forward to seeing as many people as possible.
It is a real honour to go around meeting branch activists and ordinary members. It is also humbling to see the work that is being done on my behalf in the campaign. But it's not personal - it's about changing the union, not the personalities. One thing you learn going around Britain is that the problems the members have are all the same. The accents change but the problems don't. This campaign will make a difference.
Paul Holmes

'They never told me when I was young,
that the world of the workers would be such fun.
That the world of the workers was wild!'

Extract from a song by 3 Johns (1982)

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