Thursday 1 December 2011

Lessons to be learnt

Quote from Jack Nicholson in the film about James Hoffa, Teamsters' union leader, when recruiting truck drivers "Never let a stranger into your heart, your home or your cab unless he is a friend of labour. But if he is that friend of labour - then he is the only friend you've got." There are a lot of people going to find out the truth of this statement over the next period.

Nothing happens accidentally, all the lessons that our forebearers learnt will have to be learnt again by this generation, including the incessant hatred that the Tories have for the trade unions and the working class.

The Tories, a bit like the newspapers, only speak admiringly of the trade unions 200 years ago or 2,000 miles away. It is a false admiration, because 200 years ago or 2,000 miles away the Tories still hated the unions. Why? Because the trade unions represent the defence of working class living standards. In the final analysis the unions are the only things that stand between working people and destitution.

Never forget - it is not leaders who make movements, it's movements who make leaders. It is a leader's job to inspire workers about what is achievable. Union members want leaders who care more about their members' interests than their own bank accounts.

It's time for everyone to read (or re-read) the Raggy Trousered Philanthropists, learn the words to the Red Flag and remember who the enemy are.

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