Sunday, 14 August 2011

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

Bertolt Brecht, the German dramatist and poet, famously expounded that there were many ways to kill someone, but only some were illegal (i.e. not giving someone medicines who was dying from the lack of them, not feeding someone when food was being wasted, denying them water when there was fresh water in abundance). Bertolt would have recognised corrupt British MPS who looted money from taxpayers to keep them in the lifestyle to which that have become accustomed (new duck houses, moat cleaning, 'flipping' their mortgages on their second homes etc) who now condemn others for looting. MP's who stole money to pay for second, third and fourth homes want to evict council tenants from their only home for the misdemeanour of one of its inhabitants. MP's who gladly looted billions of pounds from the British public to give to immoral and greedy banks so that they can pay themselves huge bonuses whilst ordinary British workers are faced with wage freezes, pension worries and job insecurity.

Never, in the post-second world war period, has it been so obvious that Britain's banks exist to re-allocate money from British workers to Britain's rich. And many MP's seem to think that it is their job to help in this process, by deciding which banks are allowed to legally loot. We leave the last words to the immortal Woody Guthrie "some people rob you with a gun and some people rob you with a fountain pen".

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