Monday, 11 July 2011

Don't sit in the Sun

Never mind arresting the foot soldiers, what about arresting the Commander-in-Chief, Rupert Murdoch? On the 25th anniversary of him manufacturing the sacking of 6,000 printworkers at News International, he sacks 200 journalists. Leopards never change their spots - neither do capitalist scumbags.

All those who courted him should be ashamed of themselves. Anyone who is surprised at the phone-hacking should stop looking for fairies at the bottom of their garden and get into the real world. For the Tories to assault the workers of Britain over the last 30 years they needed the help of the 'dust thrown in people's eyes' by the media.

"It says here, the unions will never learn, it says here, the economy is on the upturn" (with thanks to Billy Bragg).

Watch the following video - I was at Garforth for its premiere.

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