Monday, 8 November 2010

BBC Strike

The BBC strike over pensions provoked much interest. How interesting to see some of Britain's well-paid television millionaires, who earn this living from ordinary people, sticking 'two-fingers' up at the ordinary workers who help provide them with their wealth. Terry Wogan, Graham Norton, Chris Evans, Zoe Ball, Chris Moyles - 'the voices of the people'. Meanwhile 97% of NUJ (the National Union of Journalist)members adhered to the strike following a resounding Yes vote.Thousands of NUJ members supported their union, including the majority of top names on television - Jeremy Paxman, Kirsty Wark, Fiona Bruce, Huw Edwards, Alan Davis etc.

As the attacks on working people open up, the question of who is your friend, and who isn't, will come to the fore. Your friends are those who support you when you're under attack. Those who, like Terry Wogan, mouth platitudes about helping people, whilst adding to their own millions of pounds and crossing picket lines, seek to laugh at working people when they find themselves under attack. All workers need to understand the basic concept - never cross a picket line.

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