Monday 22 February 2010

Mike Tucker NEC pc Why I am supporting Paul Holmes for General Secretary

I have been a member of UNISON for 32 years. I was first elected on to the Nationa lExecutive Council in 1987. This election is the most important UNISON has faced since the union was established in 1993. Paul is standing on a programme which will take our union forward. He stands for a union which would respect a diversity of opinion, which listens to its members and honestly explains the challenges we face. That Paul is a realistic alternative is demonstrated by the campaign of misinformation and distortion being conducted by supporters of the current General Secretary against him on a variety of websites. If I ever had any doubts about supporting Paul, these were dispelled by the condut of the supporters of the current administration.

To quote Paul's hero, Bob Dylan, we need a 'new morning' in UNISON and with Paul as General Secretary we will get one.

Mike Tucker (Personal capacity)
NEC Member, South East Region

Secretary, Southampton District Branch

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